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Centurion Principles: Battlefield Lessons for Frontline Leaders
America is thirsting for a new kind of leader. A yearning for integrity has become a groundswell of desire to find strength and honor again among those who rise to the pinnacle of government, the clergy, business and the military. As a nation, we have lost our way and know it. We are in need of leaders who do what is right rather than what is the rage; what is honorable rather than what is legal and what is self-sacrificial rather than what is self-serving. More than ever, we are looking for strong, virtuous leaders that men once called Centurions. Col O'Leary uses great models in history to teach eternal principles that have been forgotten in this culture of expediency. In doing so, he has raised the bar of leadership in America to its rightful place once again.


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Footprints in Time: Fulfilling God's Destiny for your life
"Blink once and you enter the world. Blink twice and your life is over. Compared to Eternity, our lives go by in a blink. In that short space of time, what did God design for our lives? He designed us to fulfill a great Destiny?far greater than most people ever realize or fulfill.

Footprints in Time will take you on a great journey of discovery that will Inspire, Challenge and Encourage you to seek, find and fulfill the great Destiny you were created for.

You will be inspired by the lives of men and women, just like you, with faults and fears, just like you. You will be amazed at how God took their simple willingness and fulfilled His great will. You will be challenged to see the idols that now rule countless hearts in our culture and how they are keeping so many from their heavenly promise. Finally, you will be encouraged to ask yourself, ?If God could do it with these other men and women, why can?t He do it with me??

Footprints in Time: Fulfilling God's Desitiny for your Life will change how you view your hours, days and years and the way you spend them. It will inspire you to lift up your eyes and fulfill your Heavenly Destiny."


Jeff will personally inscribe your book.  Place your desired inscription in the box labeled "Message to Seller" in Pay Pal's checkout section.

Taking the High Ground: Military Moments with God
by Jeff O'Leary

From the battlegrounds of the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm, Christians in uniform tell how God touched their lives in special ways. Colonel O'Leary has gathered together some of the most powerful stories of courage, on and off the battle field-accounts that reveal true grace under fire. But such grace is not merely a matter of personal strength. . .

  • It's a matter of Divine intervention, and it's a matter of faith!
  • Tracks the many instances of God's intervention in the lives of military men and women across the decades.
  • Includes A Personal Note From the Author

Here's what others are saying:

I couldn't put it down! More power is packed into this book than vertical flight with afterburners. Jeff masterfully weaves together incredible examples of patriots giving their all for their Lord. You don't want to miss this treasure!
Bob Kay Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, F-117A Stealth Fighter Pilot

From Valley Forge to Desert Storm, these stories of faith and patriotism are certain to lift your soul and strengthen your own faith.
Clebe McClary Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran

What an inspiring collection of experiences from the lives those who have gone in harm's way for the sake of their country!
Stuart A. Herrington Colonel (ret.), U.S. Army Author of Traitors Among Us and Stalking the Vietcong: Inside Operation Phoenix

This book is certain to be an inspiration to all service members and their families as they seek to serve God and country.
James H. Mukoyama, Jr. Major General (ret.), U.S. Army Reserve


Jeff will personally inscribe your book.  Place your desired inscription in the box labeled "Message to Seller" in Pay Pal's checkout section.

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